Emma has been a tenant of the National Trusts ‘Fallowlees farm’ since 2010 arriving to take over the tennacy as a 23 year old shepherdess with only a suitcase and 4 collie dogs to her name. Since then her passion and love for all things farming and dogs has led her on a wonderful journey. Now Fallowlees is the base for a much bigger farming enterprise and many more dogs!!

Ewan is a Firefighter and met Emma in 2015 they married in 2018. Ewan is as passionate about the dogs as Emma and they love nothing better than spending their weekends trialing!


We now specialise in training and breeding dogs for work and trials. We take a great pride in marrying together the best bloodlines we can. We also do extensive health testing to ensure the pups we breed are as healthy as they can be.

If you are looking for your next pup to train, or else a fully broken work or trial dog, please get in touch.