Blue (ROM)


Sire 'Spot' Emma Gray (Northumberland Nursery Champion)

Dam 'Asbo' Emma Gray

DOB 7th October 2010

Blue was born the only red pup in a litter of black and whites.  She came as a real surprise to me, and being contrary I decided calling her blue was bound to cause some hilarity on the trial field if she were to make it that far.

I knew I was keeping her from the start, I had always wanted a red pup and it seemed like fate.  However the course of true love never runs smoothly, and so it was with blue.

She was always different, she wouldn’t participate with the other pups, and after they went to their new homes she wouldn’t take to me, and certainly wouldn’t be friends.

At 10 months old she wasn’t even looking at sheep, she could walk through a field of them and not bat and eyelid.  I thought the cause was lost and I was about to give her away as a pet…

Then one day, something clicked.

She suddenly started working as though she had been chasing sheep her whole life!  Though surprised, I was over the moon.  What was even better was now she viewed me as a source of work, she started to bond with me.

Today Blue is fantastic work and trial dog, she is fast and stylish and something really special when it comes to penning sheep.  She has inherited all the great characteristics of her father Alfie but has made them her own.

She has recently had a litter to Roy, and I have high hopes for the litter!