Sire 'Roy' Emma Gray (Northumberland Champion, English Team)

Dam 'Nan' Caroline Gray

DOB 1st January 2013

Hoggy entered the world at the same time as 2013 began its life.  The result of an accidental mating between my own Roy and my sister Caroline’s work bitch Nan.

Nan pupped throughout the evening of New Years Eve, putting a stop to all celebrations any of us had planned as pup after pup came out dead.  It was terribly demoralising as Nan tried to nurse each one and lick it back to life.

We all lost hope watching how forlorn Nan became as the night wore on. Then just as across the country people were welcoming in the New Year, shortly after the stroke of midnight one final pup arrived, and this little survivor was alive and kicking!!

‘Wouldn’t ‘Eve’ be a nice name for a little girl born during the bells on new years eve’ I mused ‘nope’ said Caroline adamant, shes getting called ‘Hog’ for Hogmanay.

So it was Hoggy became the spoilt brat of the Gray family and lived with Nan at my parents farm Muirfield in the Borders until she came of age.

She arrived at Fallowlees for her formal education at 10 months old trying to dominate every dog in sight.  But after a few sessions on sheep she quickly settled down.

She is now the star of the kennels much to my surprise. She has everything you could look for in a dog, she is good looking, fast, biddable with heaps of natural ability as well and plenty of power thrown in for good measure.

I chose Hoggy to accompany me to London because of her great nature and ability to work for anyone, she was pared with Brendan Cole, and what a pairing they made being crowned Flockstar champions 2015!

Her fame didn’t end there either, Hoggy partnered Emma sister Caroline in looking after the sheep on the Channel 4s project Eden. On her return we gave Hoggy to our good friend Archie Tait after he lost his faithful old trial dog Dale.

.... and look at her now - pictured with Brendan from Flockstars and Strictly Come Dancing.

.... and look at her now - pictured with Brendan from Flockstars and Strictly Come Dancing.