Tweeddale Jamie


Sire ‘Sweep’ Ricky Hutchinson (International Brace Champion, English National Champion, World Team Member (4th)

Dam ‘Minx’ Mr Dean Aitkin

DOB 29 May 2014

Jamie was really a stroke of luck, I was admiring Sweep at a trial when a friend mentioned he might know where there was a litter by him. I got the number and rang up, a few weeks later Jamie a smooth coated black and white prick eared friendly little pup had arrived.

I was disappointed with Jamie at first, his early attemts with sheep were clumsy and he tended to run around with both his head and tail in the air, but as he matured I knew I was onto a good thing.

He learns very quicky, and even at his tender age he is outrunning confidently and driving like he was born to it, Im just scared to teach him anything in case its wrong, I often feel he knows more than me!

Jamie is biddable and free flanking and gives lovely room at the top of the field, even though he is young I will hope to trial him later this year.