Highgate Gyp


Sire ‘Cammen Rip’ Mr G R N Saxon

Dam ‘Harriot Queen’ Mr W G Hallam

DOB 12TH July 2011

Ewan had got the bug for training dogs and to speed up his learning gyp a fully trained rough coated prick eared bitch came to join us.

Gyp has been a farm dog all her life and so knows what its all about, she has a lovely gentle power and sheep just give to her because she shows them no malice of threat.  She is a great outrunner and has enabled ewan to do most shepherding jobs on the farm.

Early in 2015 gyp travelled with me down to London to partner Lesley joseph in the new tv show Flockstars.

Gyp and Lesley got on very well with each other and forged a great working relationship.

Now Gyp is back at home doing what she loves, farm work!!