Alfie (Spot) Rainbow Bridge

Sire Spot Mr Frank Roberts

Dam Telyn Mr Aled Owen

After getting going with Roy’s education, within a few months I was hungry for more, and so I found myself making the journey down to wales to collect Alfie.

If first opinions counted, I wouldn’t have Alfie today, for what I saw was an ugly pup all legs and belly, who wanted no human participation at all.

But I had come a long way a duly took Alfie home.  We worked hard to build a bond and after only a few weeks he was following me round as well as already showing a keen interest in sheep.

In his nursery season Alfie was very successful, and in the final nursery championship, he pulled it out of the bag and was crowned northumberland nursery champion.

He made the transition to the opens well, and has numerous wins to his credit.

His outruns are sensational and he has a kind way with his sheep so he can get ‘with’ them and they feel comfortable with him in control.  Added to this is the fact he stops on a sixpence and stops on his feet.

Alfie is also a successful breeder having bred my own red bitch “blue”.

Alfie is DNA normal and carries the red gene.

Sadly this Autumn I had to make the decision to put Alfie to sleep after a short illness.