Flockstars hits the screen

A brand new sheepdog trialling extravaganza for ITV.
From the heart of the great British countryside comes Flockstars, a brand new primetime knockout competition for ITV. Hosted by GABBY LOGAN, a cast of famous faces will be swapping red carpets for green fields and the all‐new palace of rural show business, the Flockstars Showground. Brace yourself as “it’s time to release the sheep” (not to mention geese) and see which of the tweed‐adorned talented stars will be able to adapt their skillset to master the most impressive of countryside sports.

Watch a video from the ITV series here.

Competing in an intense eight‐week knockout, the Flockstars include national treasure and DJ for over 50 years TONY BLACKBURN; former Eternal singer, KELLE BRYAN; professional dancer and sequined star of Strictly, BRENDAN COLE; multi MOBO award‐winning FAZER aka RICHARD RAWSON; Birds of a Feather star, LESLEY JOSEPH; TV presenter and former Scottish Widow, AMANDA LAMB; acclaimed actress and Coronation Street legend, WENDI PETERS; and ten‐time Paralympic Gold medalist, LEE PEARSON who has been honoured with an MBE, OBE and CBE. The most essential element will be the Flockstar’s ability to tightly bond with their professional four‐legged partners and guide flocks of hilariously unpredictable sheep and geese around the specially designed, and increasingly tricky, competition courses. 
Trained and guided by three young, professional shepherd mentors from three corners of the British countryside, Welshman IOAN DOYLE, Scotland’s EMMA GRAY and England’s ED HAWKINS, our trainee triallers must fully embrace a new way of life as “come bye”, “lie down”, “away” and “walk on” become everything to succeeding, or crashing out of, the competition. Will this brush with nature become second nature to the Flockstars as they attempt to guide the animals around the complex course and walk away with the sparkling Flockstars Champion Shield?
Episode one
Hosted by Gabby Logan, Flockstars is the bid to find Britain’s best celebrity sheepdog trialler testing skill, technique and discipline in front of a studio audience. Eight famous faces are paired with a professional sheepdog and head to the countryside in this new TV series which will see them compete head to head for the sparkling Flockstars’ Shield.
In the first episode of the knockout competition, two Flockstars, along with their four legged friends, will be trying their best to guide sheep around the Flockstars trialling course in the quickest time.
The first team to take on the challenge are professional Border Collie Hoggy and Strictly Come Dancing’s Brendan Cole, mentored by professional shepherd Emma. They will be going head to head with Midge and TV Presenter Amanda Lamb, mentored by shepherd Ed, with the remaining six Flockstars watching nervously from the sidelines of the showground.
Brendan’s training gets off to a rocky start after surprising the sheep with his dance moves. With too much energy, he overexcites the dog and in turn the sheep. His training session turns to chaos. Brendan says: ‘I’ve got to really change my personality to try and control the dog.” Once he relaxes, Brendan starts to make real progress with Hoggy. But his trials don’t go smoothly and he nervously enters the first round of the course, having never succeeded at any of the main obstacles.
Outside in the cold and rain, the glamorous Amanda Lamb finds it hard to adapt to her new outdoor lifestyle. Amanda asks her mentor Ed, “Do they have shepherding in the Maldives? Do you think we could switch location.” Trying to get her flock into the pen during training proves a tough hurdle to overcome and getting them over the bridge on the course is something Amanda finds impossible to crack. Midge and Amanda barely complete the course in time and are not confident going into the first round against Brendon and Hoggy.
The first round of the competition takes place in the Flockstars arena. Amanda and Brendan will send their dogs on an outrun to fetch their flock, bring them cleanly behind the starting post, guide them over a stone bridge and around topiary corner. The clock stops when all the flock are inside the pen and the gate is closed. Unless of course the flock decide they would rather try and escape by jumping over the barriers of the showground!
Used to intense competitions, Brendan makes his feelings quite clear about winning versus taking part, “Most people don’t like to admit they want to win. I’m not that person. I like winning, knowing that I’ve given my all and coming out victorious is pretty much how I live.” But will he do enough to beat Amanda who says, “Flockstars has taken over my life. I literally count sheep to go to sleep. I’m obsessed!”