Sire 'Bill' Mr Paul Bristow

Dam 'Alie' Mr Paul Bristow

DOB 27th April 2007

The day I boughtRoy marked the first day of a wonderful relationship that has taken me from learning how to stop a young keen dog running amok, to the dizzy heights of international competition.

He was bred by Paul Bristow the then shepherd at Kirkley Hall Agricultural College, where as a student I learned the shepherding craft.  His mother was a wayward bitch Alie, his father was Pauls own great dog ‘Bill,’ much admired both on a trial field, as well as at everyday work on the farm.

Roy was a natural from the start, he was quick to learn as well as powerful and instinctive.  It wasn’t all plain sailing as he was a terror for gripping in the early days and would often single off a sheep for pure devilment.  However, such was his talent that we first stepped onto a trial field when he was only 15 months old.

From that day we went from strength to strength, quickly getting our first open win in his debut season, taking us to our first national the same year.

We have been fortunate enough to have been a team member representing England at the International when it came to Scotlands Black Isle. 2013 saw myself and Roy crowned winners of the Northumberland sheepdog league.

Roy is the bravest dog I have ever known, he loves nothing better than a battle with a cantankerous old ewe or a wiley tup.  He has a heart as big as a bucket, and has taught me so very much.

Roy has many pups already on the ground already making a name for themselves in both trials and as work dogs.

He is DNA normal and carries the recessive slate blue colour.